Hala Madrid! Hala Cape Cod! Hala August! Hala Food!

9 days…

The summer is winding down, which means September 7th is drawing ever-near.  I’m excited, but pretty nervous too.  The packing process is daunting… just the thought of picking a suitcase to travel with tires me out.  So, instead of making headway on packing away 5-months-worth of clothes and essentials, I’ve decided it is a worthwhile task to assemble a collection of 3oz refillable bottles of our trip—just in case.  In addition to the little TSA-approved treasures, I’ve saved miscellaneous containers and boxes to utilize as bobby pin/safety pin/jewelry/whatever-else holders.  I may have gone overboard with it though…

Army of TSA-approved bottles

Mercifully, I’ve done more than just assemble this assortment of transportable containers over the course of August.

In the middle of a wonderful Cape Cod vacation with Doug’s family, Doug and I drove down to New Jersey to watch the Real Madrid v. Philadelphia Union soccer match.

The crowd at the game was surprisingly energetic, despite the fact that it occurred during an awful heat wave (on par with some Israeli heat waves I’ve experienced, even).  As I sat motionlessly in an effort to avoid sweating, I watched the game unfold.

Real Madrid scored its first goal within two minutes of the game starting and followed it with a second goal less than nine minutes later.  Consequently, I expected the match to be an embarrassment to Philadelphia Union.  Surprisingly, this ended up not being the case.  The score remained 2-0 until the 79th minute, when Philadelphia scored a goal.  With 11 minutes left on the clock and Philadelphia putting more pressure on Madrid than expected, I was pleasantly surprised by increasing intensity of the game.  Ultimately, Madrid held strong and won the game 2-1.

Barring my disappointment about the less than ideal weather, I was very pleased that Real Madrid brought their star players to Philadelphia.  With no Kaka or Ronaldo in sight during the first half, I consoled myself with the presence of Casillas as goalie and Alonso and Ozil on the field.  But the second half of the game brought a continually changing line-up of players from both Real Madrid and Philadelphia Union.  It seemed like every player from both teams made an appearance by the game’s end.

Kaka and Ronaldo waiting for Philadelphia to take a corner kick

Ole to the friendly football match!  And a shout out to our new drunk friend, who “sat” across the aisle from us and spent the entire game with his head between his knees in what appeared to be an effort to avoid an untimely alcohol-induced demise.

The man across the aisle from Doug is clearly enjoying the game

After the game, Doug and I returned to Cape Cod and continued to enjoy a relaxing vacation full of running, bike riding, visiting the beach, doing crossword puzzles, playing board games, haircutting, watching babies, and exploring the Cape.

A round of 7 Wonders

Giving Doug a haircut under his niece's watchful supervision

Exploration sites included:

The Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory (which was disappointing, but at least we got free potato chips at the end!)

Provincetown (a perfect day full of bouncing around toffee stores and munching on free samples).

The Sesuit Harbor Café (thanks to my friend Shannon, Doug and I had a beautiful brunch overlooking the harbor here).

Chillingsworth (a fancy restaurant that wasn’t too vegetarian friendly but had great service and was fun nonetheless).

The Chocolate Sparrow (mmm Frozen Mocha Sparrow, Caramel Frappe, and Caramel Turtle Frappes! Even Doug’s one-and-a-half-year-old nephew couldn’t get enough, refusing to let his mom take back her frappe after she gave him a taste).

Nickerson State Park (where we watched what appeared to be some complexly hierarchical duck interactions).

Chatham (talk about over-priced souvenirs…)

And… the local movie theatre (hey, the last Harry Potter came out!)

Throughout all these adventures, Doug and I have made an effort to cook new things as often as possible.

Resulting treats:

Creamy Smoked Salmon Sauce atop Sweet Red Onion Pasta (adapted from a Papperdelle Pasta recipe)

Chocolate Pudding Cookies with Walnuts

Caprese Sandwiches (ok, this isn’t a new recipe, but the tomatoes and basil came from Doug’s mom’s garden so it deserves a mention)

Light-as-air Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter Sauce (adapted from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe) and a side of garlic knots

Salt Baked Potatoes with Garlic & Rosemary Butter (adapted from a Cook's Illustrated recipe) and a side of Cheese & Mint Cigars (a Middle Eastern Basic's recipe)


3 thoughts on “Hala Madrid! Hala Cape Cod! Hala August! Hala Food!

  1. OK Fish, how about you leave some chocolate pudding cookies with walnuts for me to remember you by? in the Shingle Mill freezer for next Thursday. THX. I love what you and Dew are doing with this blog. My virtual bags are packed.
    Buona Fortuna! Toni Giarnese

    • Thanks for checking out our blog, Toni!

      As much as I’d like to steal the spotlight, Taly gets all of the credit for the chocolate pudding cookies! She is the daring one in the kitchen. I was just lucky to get to taste her pudding cookies after she baked them.

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