Shalom from Israel!

Dear Everyone,

Shalom from Israel!

We arrived safe and sound last week (if a little cramped from the airplane seats), and we have hit the ground running.  For our first few days we stayed at Beit Yehuda hostel in Jerusalem while we got to know the other Career Israel participants, saw some of Jerusalem’s sights, and generally acclimated to Israel.

One of Jerusalem's many winding streets.

Part of my acclimatization process: my first Israeli falafel.

Last Sunday we moved to Tel Aviv and officially took up residence in our apartment on King George Street in Tel Aviv.  We couldn’t have asked, or found, a better place to stay in Tel Aviv.  We are a short stroll from Shuk HaCarmel (the open air market), Dizengoff Center (Tel Aviv’s main shopping mall), a host of bars and restaurants, and the beach.

Tel Aviv’s beaches aren’t like any beach I have ever spent time at.  Taly frequently told me I’d never seen a real beach since I’d never been to a Mediterranean beach, and now I know she was right!  Cape Cod beaches are stony and cold while the Pacific is freezing and windy across the Western coast.  Where the Mediterranean’s waters lap Israel’s shores, however, is warm and sunny with gentle waves and sand like spun gold.  I have only been in the water once so far, but I have run along the beach from Tel Aviv to Yaffo almost every evening.  Watching the sunset over the sea, feeling the pleasant evening breezes, and seeing all of the people out enjoying the beach makes the miles fly by.   I’ll be truly spoiled when the time comes for us to return to the U.S.

Besides relaxing under the Mediterranean sun and exploring Tel Aviv, we’ve been busy with Ulpan (Hebrew classes) and preparation for our internships, which we start in October.  We’ll write more about these later.  In the meantime, I am steadily, albeit slowly, improving my Hebrew, and I am very excited to start work at the Institute for National Security Studies.


4 thoughts on “Shalom from Israel!

  1. What an adventure! I am going to enjoy every vicarious thrill, and I’m so glad you have this blog and will share the adventure with us. I’m also hoping this will spur me on to get cranking out some stuff for our blog again. Life changes are full of material worth writing about (English teachers secretly love a dangling preposition! Ha!!). I love picturing those runs by the sea, especially as our days here get shorter and cooler. I’ll look forward to your next entry. Mary

  2. Doug and Taly,
    I’m glad your trip is off to a great start. I’m looking forward to reading your blog posts…I also enjoyed your description of running on the beach! Craig, Lydia, and Chloe say hello too.

  3. Hi Doug,
    We just got back from the Y (swimming and spinning for me; yoga and machines for Mom). It’s a beautiful but cool day, little too cool for this time of year. The Red Sox beat the Rays last night to go four games up on them in the wildcard. The NBA is still on strike and no one seems to care. Have a good weekend. We may catch up with each other for skype.
    Love, Dad

  4. Doug and Taly,
    We’ve just had a 39 degree morning and I’m thinking running on a beach of spun gold with the warm waters lapping at my heels sounds pretty good. Keep the updates coming. You’ve got a fan club over here.

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