Beyond The Scoot: Snow day!

The video is pretty spot on…!


Finally! It has happened! Snow!

(The photos was taken by a friend here at the kibbutz, as I left my camera in Rehovot.)

The past few days have been nonstop rain and wind, but this morning we finally had some snow on the ground! While it does snow here every now and then, it is a very rare occurrence for Israel. (Although, Northern Israel sees much more snow than the rest of the country. There is even a ski resort up there, and after a good snow up North almost every Israeli can be found there too.) It is so nice to see the landscape covered in white again, as it seems every other place in the world has been blessed with good amounts of snow this Winter. So, yay. Another day without  scooter rides (-now about 4 days, with all this rain and wind), but at least there is a…

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I was born in Pennsylvania, raised (mostly) in South Jersey by Israeli immigrants. I studied History and Spanish at New York University. I lived abroad in Israel for a year before before starting law school and committing myself to a lifetime (of servitude to the devil) as an attorney.

2 thoughts on “Beyond The Scoot: Snow day!

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  2. Except for Harwinton Connecticut’s huge October (!!!) snowstorm that knocked out power for days and days, we’ve hardly had any snow. This may be the year that Israel had a chance of accumulating more snow than little old Northwest CT.

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