★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ice Cream
Not Kosher
33 Bograshov
For other locations, see site
Sunday-Saturday (11:00 – 12:00)

Vaniglia tempted us for a long time.  But for a plethora of reasons (we had ice cream at home, it was too late, we had just eaten meat and couldn’t eat dairy for another few hours, it was too cold out), we never went.  Not only did we walk by countless times, but we even went in a few times and eyed up the numerous ice cream options.  Only when Doug’s parents were visiting and his mom wanted something sweet after our HaPizza dinner did we finally get past just thinking about getting ice cream at Vaniglia.

I can’t remember how many flavors I tasted or how many I wanted to order, but I do remember the lucky ones Doug and I did end up picking: white chocolate with chocolate chips, cinnamon, and the 10 spice. While they were all absolutely amazing, the 10 spice was hands down one of the best ice cream flavors I’d ever eaten.  But, just like I did when eating my ice cream, I’ll save the best for last.

The white chocolate with chocolate chips was simple, but delicious.  The ice cream wasn’t too sweet, which was a refreshing change from the usual, saccharine ice creams found in Israeli supermarkets (we’d actually heard this somewhat implausible fact: Israeli ice creams are made using the same recipes as American ice creams… but have double the sugar).  The chocolate pieces kept the gentle ice cream exciting.

The cinnamon ice cream was cool and refreshing.  The flavor was aromatic, light, and simple.

But the star of the night was the 10 spice.  I’m not sure what 10 spices are in this ice cream (pepper, cinnamon, and chai are the three I remember from the server’s description), but it was utterly fantastic.  You could smell the spices (although my not-so-finely tuned nose couldn’t identify them), which were surprisingly gentle in their complexity.

Before we knew it, we had finished our ice creams and the evening.  Doug’s parents made their way back to their hotel as Doug and I headed home to our apartment (which we have since moved from), lauding the 10 spice ice cream and lamenting our upcoming move away from its origin, Vaniglia.


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