On Tap(s): Frozen Yogurt

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Frozen Yogurt
Not Kosher
2 HaArba’a
Sunday – Thursday (10:30am-12:00am)
Friday (10:30am-3:00pm)
Saturday (an hour after Shabbat ends – 12:00am)

Taps : Tel Aviv :: 16 Handles : New York.

Taps is the type of place that makes any day better.


The frozen yogurt at Taps is self-served.  You can select as many flavors as you want and cover them with as many toppings as you please.  When you’re done loading down your cup, you put it on a scale to be weighed and pay by the gram.  I’ve always loved the concept—it seems silly to me to have to pay per topping (what if I just want one strawberry on my ice cream, just to brighten things up? Or what if I want to throw in just a couple of M&Ms for a surprise chocolatey bite here and there? What if I can’t pick between chocolate and caramel swirl and want both?)

Given my love for this type of frozen yogurt place, I’ve been to quite a few in New York.  Some have more flavors than others, most have basic fruit and candy toppings.  But Taps had more of both than any place I had ever been to in New York.  The selection of toppings was truly astounding—from cereals to chocolates (each one with milk, white, and dark options), dried fruit to gummies, nuts to fresh fruit, fudges to jams—they have countless options.


The toppings corner at Taps

Some of the cereal toppings at Taps

Some of the chocolate toppings at Taps

The sauces at Taps

At this point, I honestly can’t remember what I had.  It was probably a medley of tart flavors (plain, peach tart, and pomegranate raspberry tart probably filled the majority of my cup) covered in milk chocolate mekupelet, gummy bears, raisinettes, strawberries, pomegranate, chocolate chip cookie dough, mochi, passionfruit, pineapple, almonds, granola, craisins, dried passion fruit, M&Ms, and the type of chocolate fudge crunch that hardens upon contact with the cold frozen yogurt.  While I can’t recall exactly what I picked that night, I do remember loving every bite and forcing myself to refrain from licking the cup clean (we were with Doug’s parents, after all).

Pomegranate raspberry tart

My completed masterpiece of a treat

My only disappointment is that there aren’t more Taps locations.  Given that we moved out of Tel Aviv shortly after discovering it, we never got to go again before coming back to the United States.  We’ll just have to wait until our next trip to the land of milk and honey for our next Taps fix.


Fro-Yo in Tel Aviv

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Frozen yogurt
Not kosher
96 Ben Yehuda Street (Gordon corner)
Sunday-Friday (9:30 – 1:00)
Saturday (10:30 – 1:00)

Back in New York, I lived just a few blocks away from 16 Handles.  Needless to say, I became a huge frozen yogurt fan.  And so, it is with great pleasure that I announce my discovery of 16 Handles’ Israeli counterpart: Tamara.

From the moment I walked into Tamara, I loved the atmosphere.  They had indoor swings, for heaven’s sake!  I stared at the countless toppings while waiting in line, trying to decide which ones I wanted. Kiwi, granola, halva, pomegranate, gummy bears, M&Ms, almonds, mango, marshmallows, coconut… the options were endless.

We ended up ordering a medium-sized plain yogurt with mango, mekupelet (a type of chocolate), pomegranate, coconut, halva, and hot chocolate syrup.  The medium is definitely big enough to share, so if you’re comfortable sharing the very serious responsibility of selecting toppings, it’s worth throwing in a few extra shekels and sharing one rather than getting your own.

Frozen yogurt from Tamara, topped with mango, mekupelet, pomegranate, coconut, halva, and hot chocolate syrup

The frozen yogurt was fantastic.  It was just a little bit tart and incredibly refreshing.  Its gentle flavor truly highlighted the toppings, which you could distinctly taste in each bite.  The hot chocolate syrup quickly hardened, adding an extra crunch and richness.

Frozen yogurt from Tamara, topped with mango, mekupelet, pomegranate, coconut, halva, and hot chocolate syrup

Frozen yogurt from Tamara, topped with mango, mekupelet, pomegranate, coconut, halva, and hot chocolate syrup

As we neared the end of the frozen yogurt, I greedily tried to scoop up every last bit of it, including the liquid-y melted remains.  The best part? I got to do all of this while swaying contentedly on their indoor swing!

Eyeing up my frozen yogurt at Tamara